Management as an Art, Science, and Profession

They are all falling all over themselves to squeeze these terms into their content marketing. There exists data everywhere or data is mined where there is none presently. The expectation that big data would translate into profit, leave alone big profit is an enormous error. Some discerning brain has to ponder over it to uncover some precious information useful to the organization. I would conclude by saying that creativity is like life and science is like a body to marketing.

marketing is art as well as science

Management also has a lot of literature for theoretical knowledge and learning. Many principles have been developed in the field of Management such as Taylor’s scientific theory of Management and Fayol’s principles of management. Today, the subject of marketing is powered by technology, the hyperconnected growth of markets and consumer-friendly tech is redefining value and the ease of buying. The traditional measures of cost, choice and convenience are still relevant, but now control, experience & customisation have taken the front seat in determining the success of brands.

Scientific Management by Frederick Taylor

Networking and a high external orientation is another critical dimension for the media management practice. To be a great media person you need to be as curious as a nine year old — observing, questioning and challenging all the time. These are some common attributes which are relevant across all countries — from Japan to Africa.

Is Marketing a Science or an Art?

Same way, you learn management through personal experience, with time and with the people around you. Across the globe, many content marketing campaigns fall flat due to lack of point of view and measurable goals on the content that they churn out. With no clear goals in place , there’s no purpose behind the content being produced. Management as science consist principles based on repeated experiments that can be applied everywhere. As Art it considers management as a skill that comes from an individual’s personality and ability.

However, depending on your school and your resources, here are some examples you can learn from to help tailor your strategy. I am a big proponent of using a customer relationship management platform to track prospects. A simple Excel spreadsheet will work, but there are some great software packages out there that will make your life a lot easier. HubSpot is a good CRM, and their free version may be all you need.

An excellent media practitioner requires exceptional ‘horizontal’ leadership. This is put to test across internal teams in marketing and external stakeholders like agencies and media owners. First, the impact of technology has been dramatic — most pronounced in digital media. Second, there has been rapid fragmentation of media and thus, a multiplicity of choices. Third, the way consumers are reacting to the changes has been largely unpredictable.

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Pilot projects are necessary as investments for the future in a world and market that is constantly changing and marketers are expected to do “more with less”. Marketing is both an “art” and a “science” there is constant tension between the formulated side of marketing and the ________ side. —Knowing who’s involved in the buying process, with their roles and responsibilities clearly identified, and using dynamic profiling to properly align targeting with changing market and business needs. —Leveraging Big Data, understanding return on marketing investment, measuring marketing’s contribution to revenue. —Workflow and marketing automation integrated with CRM, and including social monitoring and business intelligence. Once a parent left their campus, the admissions person would send them a pre-written email to thank them for coming, along with a link to the school’s application form.